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CCW_Mrogo 2013年9月10日 18時03分
This film brings fez games, super meat boy and braid?
is that when I enter the product of these I get a package that brings you said but does not appear
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Clypse 2013年9月11日 6時32分 
If your question is: "Do I get FEZ, SMB and Braid when I buy the movie?", then the answer would be "no". At least not with any version of the film you can currently buy on Steam. You have to buy them separately.
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CCW_Mrogo 2013年9月11日 8時14分 
thank you and sorry for my english, i am from argentina
Clypse 2013年9月11日 10時06分 
Hey, no problem.
By the way the three games are all great and worth a buy. But I guess you know that from the movie already ;)
т.О.Х.А.< hexadecasoft gamedev 2013年9月15日 9時37分 
When the movie came out, Fez was being released to XBLA, so there's no way for it to be bundled with the movie. Either way, Braid is a great game, so is Super Meat Boy, both of which you can find for a few dollars if you look around trading forums here, and Fez is on the Humble Bundle for a few dollars.
thequickone 2013年11月5日 16時13分 
Actually, each of these games' product pages currently (2013-11-05) very clearly states Indie Game: The Movie - Special Edition as "Packages that include this game". I purchased Indie Game: The Movie - Special Edition specifically for that reason, thinking that SMB also being 80% off meant that such a deal was not "too good to be true". I now feel misled, and believe that others could be very easily misled, as well. The OP appears to have been similarly misled.

All of that said, I am happy to support the indie gaming community by purchasing the movie and special edition content. I just wish that I had gotten what had been advertised, which is a bundle of the movie and the three games. I am still trying to decide if I am upset enough to elevate this to a Steam Support claim.

EDIT (2013-11-05 16:49): I am.
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2013年11月6日 1時45分 
I see what you mean here. The most confusing part is line 'packages that include the game' right after every single game page. However, down below that line it was explained what exactly been included in Indie Game Movie package (and not the game of the main page itslef). I doubt Steam will do anything about, but I think they should remove this info about Movie from every game instead - lots of buttons.
moondog 2013年11月6日 20時40分 
exact same thing happend to me.
I'm somewhat bleek about it.
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