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Invaders must die 2013年8月7日 23時26分
nerd colony
There needs to be a colony for nerds, one great leader leading them to a eutopa of red bull , cubicals, and microwave hot pockets

Then put them all to gether in a great collective herd to make a earth quaking project.

Last time this happend the atomic bomb was made....

nerds got bored after that and invented the internet without TV screens.

That is nerd power...

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A Gelatinous Cube-Z- 2013年8月8日 5時32分 
Considering the continued threat of nuclear arms, it's probably best to keep nerds distracted rather than encouraging them to unite.
intok 2013年8月8日 18時59分 
Nah, lock them up in a giant biodome in Pripyat and feed them GMO food and within 3 generations you'll have something like the Venture Bros. episode "What Color Is Your Cleansuit"
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