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eduardische 28 юли 2013 в 6:16 следобед
How big is the spoiler to FEZ?
I'm planning on playing through FEZ sometime in the near future, so am I better not to watch Phil's epilogue until then or the spoiler is not that big?
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J-Robotson 28 юли 2013 в 6:18 следобед 
It shows a fair portion/most of the end cutscene however I would personally still watch the epilogue, FEZ really isn't about the ending or story, it is about the gameplay, exploration, puzzles, etc, but it's up to you, like I said it is quite a large portion of one of the two endings, so if you feel like you would want to see the ending for the first time in game then I would wait to watch the epilogue.
Fhqwhgod 29 юли 2013 в 12:36 сутринта 
they show a huge chunk of the ending animation and I'd really recommend to see it in the game before seeing that one clip.
StubbsPL 29 юли 2013 в 11:33 сутринта 
i just closed my eyes and turned down the volume when he started talking about the ending, when the colors on the screen changed to darker ones i knew it was over
rhysthethird 29 юли 2013 в 6:03 следобед 
it shows a bit of the first ending, not all of it, ild say about 30% of it. In fez you cant get 100% until new game+, and that has a second ending they dont show.
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