bendypenguin64 2013年7月24日下午1:37
'Bonus Levels' achievement
I've watched the special edition all the way through (twice) but the achievement didn't unlock. I assume it's bugged or something along those lines, but I was wondering if it's working for anyone else.
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Loerwyn 2013年7月24日下午1:48 
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've watched all the Spec. Ed. extras but no achievement for me either.
Siha ✿ 2013年7月24日下午1:48 
I watched it twice as well, once with commentary from team meat and once without... maybe I'm missing an easter egg or something?

Checked the profile of the developer, he hasn't got the achievement either.
最后由 Siha ✿ 编辑于; 2013年7月24日下午2:10
bendypenguin64 2013年7月24日下午2:25 
Three times now and still nothing. :P
Captain Picard 2013年7月24日下午3:03 
yea its broken even the developer 'James Swirsky' of IGTM doesnt have it.
|CCU| zolamang 2013年7月24日下午5:44 
i've watched the special ed stuff twice over too and nothing.
nyd 2013年7月24日下午6:59 
Same here. Watched it and didn't get it.
Zet 2013年7月25日上午5:14 
Same for me. Tweeted the problem to the IGTM twitter.
ToasterOverlord 2013年7月25日上午9:01 
And same for me as well. Watched it all yesterday from the menu via play all special edition content and then watched it all again today via the start up screen. Hope it's resolved soon; so many of my games have broken achievements and it's a shame when I noticed how some of them have been longstanding with no effort at being fixed. (Not saying that's going to happen here though, and I hope it doesn't!)
Zireael 2013年7月25日下午1:02 
Also can't get this achievment. Watching all 2 times and still don't get it (
rhysthethird 2013年7月25日下午4:43 
its a bug? ok, i thought i didnt get it because my internet kept cutting out and it wasnt syncing with steam. guess ill just rewatch when its patched.
Kreso 2013年7月25日下午5:09 
it seems that all of the achievments dont work, i just watched the movie and didnt get the chievo, also tried the one with facebook and twitter.. (the normal one not the special edition)
|CCU| zolamang 2013年7月25日下午6:15 
I cannot say if the achievements only unlock if you have the special edition because I did not try it before purchasing the special edition. However, it seems that the achievement system is still bugged because some people are recieving some and not others with or without the SE it seems. Even the developer has 6/7 of the achievements like most of the people who have it all. hopefully a steam update will rectify the issue.
✘ Chief Pasta 2013年7月25日下午7:12 
I LOVE INDIE GAME! no really proves that gaming has a very deep and intelectual prossess
Andrew 2013年7月26日上午3:01 
I did get all achievements, except “Bonus Levels”, obviously, before purchasing DLC. And yes, “Bonus Levels” is buggy, I presume.
bendypenguin64 2013年7月26日上午3:30 
引用自 { + ^>♡<^ + }
I LOVE INDIE GAME! no really proves that gaming has a very deep and intelectual prossess

Agreed. :)
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