Corleone Family Wombat 2013. jan. 2. @ de. 9:49
Any possible way to get this on my iPod?
I just got it today. Is there any way that I could get this on my iPod?
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Snort Cannon 2013. jan. 2. @ de. 11:05 
yes you just need to dowload video coventer and convert the movie files so it would work on youre ipod
Corleone Family Wombat 2013. jan. 2. @ de. 11:15 
OH so I just need to go into my Steam program files. I SEE. Thanks!
StickBrush 2013. jan. 3. @ de. 10:19 
If you got this from the Humble Indie Bundle 7, you can just download the movie in 1080p in the download page. If not, I'd suggest Format Factory or FreeStudio to convert the movie. Good luck!
Corleone Family Wombat 2013. jan. 3. @ de. 10:53 
I used Sony Vegas for conversion, but it took DANG long. It was at least a great movie though.
Sebbz 2013. jan. 4. @ de. 12:57 
Next time you are going to convert a file, use this program instead:

It converts to all iPads, iPhones and iPods ;)

Sony Vegas isn't supposed to be used like you did :P
Kevosavi 2013. ápr. 10. @ de. 1:05 
iPod reads mp4 or m4v format, so just convert your movie files to mp4 format.
AppGeeker is what I use. check one of its guides
So simple to use, and it converts to almost every format known to civilised man.
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