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afkhalis 2012年12月28日 17時56分
Possible to put on a DVD?
I'm curious if it would be possible to burn this on to a dvd to play in a standard dvd player. I would like to be able to watch it on my bigger tv and sit on my couch to watch instead of at my computer.

I got this from the humble bundle and don't particularly want to download it again in order to burn it.
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mojn thejack473 2012年12月29日 6時09分 
SwiftPengu 2012年12月29日 6時16分 
I guess downloading it from the humble bundle site is the fastest way to get it on a dvd, you can also check if it's in the steam folders (probably steam/steamapps folder) in a usable format
Eyecon 2012年12月29日 9時01分 
You could put it on a laptop and connect that to your tv and use big picture mode on steam
LiI (aq) 2012年12月29日 14時03分 
The MP4 files are in the steam folder, everything including the extras and the commentary, its in C:> Program Files (x86)> Steam > steamapps > common > Indie Game the Movie > data.
In there, there is a folder with the movies and the extras and one with the team meat commentary.
afkhalis 2012年12月29日 15時41分 
Awesome! Thank you very much!
RaymundoMazz 2013年1月6日 14時30分 
Google might find you a nice DVD burner for free, never pay for these since there's tons of this kind of software, you can just burn the video files you can find in the game data. But you also might consider plugging your PC/laptop into the TV itself, we have HDMI and alot of other cables these days and your computer+tv might support it as well. also a change to tryout big picture mode from steam ;)
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