Soren 2012. dec. 20. @ de. 7:12
Polish subtitles.
I bought this film in The Humble Indie Bundle, and i downloaded it. i saw subtitles with many laungage including polish. But film was not working, i saw i can download it on steam too, i done that but now i see on steam isn't subtitles on polish. Can i take subtitles from previouse film ( from humble ) to my film from steam? I want see it on polish but i have or polish subtitles or film, not both ...
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RazorBeamz 2012. dec. 20. @ de. 8:11 
You can see the subtitles once you start the film in Steam. There is an icon for subtitles.
Soren 2012. dec. 20. @ de. 8:17 
I know, but there aren't polish subtitles.
Leisure 2012. dec. 20. @ du. 12:13 
The version you can download from the Humble Bundle website includes subs (in loads of languages including Polish). Dunno about Steam
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