Ali 2012年12月19日下午12:25
Does this go under your games library on steam?
I just bought the recent Humble Bundle and I got the key for this film to activate on steam and I was just wondering if it goes in my games in my steam library
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Schnurri 2012年12月19日下午12:42 
Well in my case an entry in the games library appeared and it seems that you can "install" it like a game (downloading at the moment...)
Collu 2012年12月19日下午1:25 
Yes, it will go into the games library :)
CorneliousJD 2012年12月19日下午1:32 
Yeah, it's odd that it's in the games library, but you can create a category called "Movies" and throw it under that or something. I hate it just sitting in with the rest of my games.
DaveyBoy 2012年12月19日下午1:38 
grow a beard
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Schnurri 2012年12月19日下午1:43 
The movies are simply saved in a subfolder in the usual steamapps location. You can pick them there and copy them to another location, maybe to your personal video collection or whatever...
Extreme Brotato Chip 2012年12月30日下午11:40 
Pasta 2013年8月10日上午5:59 
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