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Ali 2012年12月19日 12時25分
Does this go under your games library on steam?
I just bought the recent Humble Bundle and I got the key for this film to activate on steam and I was just wondering if it goes in my games in my steam library
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Schnurri 2012年12月19日 12時42分 
Well in my case an entry in the games library appeared and it seems that you can "install" it like a game (downloading at the moment...)
Collu 2012年12月19日 13時25分 
Yes, it will go into the games library :)
CorneliousJD 2012年12月19日 13時32分 
Yeah, it's odd that it's in the games library, but you can create a category called "Movies" and throw it under that or something. I hate it just sitting in with the rest of my games.
DaveyBoy 2012年12月19日 13時38分 
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Schnurri 2012年12月19日 13時43分 
The movies are simply saved in a subfolder in the usual steamapps location. You can pick them there and copy them to another location, maybe to your personal video collection or whatever...
Extreme Brotato Chip 2012年12月30日 23時40分 
Pasta 2013年8月10日 5時59分 
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