Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie

iHugTrees ^_^ 2014年3月20日下午8:35
Finished watching it... thinking abt DLC
Throughout the show, I wanted to hug Phil, and to tell him that it's ok. It's all heightened emotion, and that he would look back in pride. Afterwards, I googled Fez sales (1mil), and I cried; same feeling as when the wife of Edmund cried after the sales of Super Meat Boy went gold.

I googled on Jon Blow (stunned by his talent and articulation, and looks), and I have read more since... very informative (I would add 'wise').

It's a good doco that makes me research more, and now that I'm 34, I'm glad to appreciate the gaming world even more. Less for EA, Ubisoft, BlizzAct tho :( I could prolly quote the numerous articles on why they are ~evil~

Ps. I want to thank the camera crew accompanying the indie developers, talking to them, and in turn supporting them. Letting them express themselves; hopefully the developers are relieved in expressing all the emotions out. Plus feel less lonely.

Pps. Yes I'm gonna get the DLC soon. Suckaz!!! :D
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mayroS-小幡-天 2014年3月20日下午10:26 
Yea I've just finished it as well, and gosh what a great movie.. I didn't know that was sooo hard to be an indie developer, they really put their soul into it. The documentary makes you feel part of the pain that they get throught, now i respect even more the devs.

I want the DLC as well :skyesmile: ...
FaNaT 2014年3月21日下午12:30 
DLC is cool, i liked it. Much more informative than extras.
iHugTrees ^_^ 2014年4月1日上午5:00 
I bet this thread gets more replies if it's controversial. :D Tsk tsk :D
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