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Swirk  [developer] Jul 25, 2014 @ 2:09pm
What is included in the Special Edition DLC...
Hey everyone,

This has been posted elsewhere, but thought we'd make it a pinned thread.

The following is included in the IGTM base film:
  • Team Meat Commentary (turns IGTM into a whole new movie)
  • Director’s Commentary
  • 30 minutes of extras
  • Hidden IGTM Game
And if you opt for the Special Edition DLC, you get over 100+ minutes of new content, including the following material...
  • Phil’s Epilogue: Phil Fish is back in Montreal and in limbo. FEZ is finally finished and awaiting release. Will his 5 years of work be appreciated by players & recognized at the Independent Games Festival? Filmed after the initial production of IGTM. (short film)

  • Phil & Japan:  At a IGTM screening, Phil Fish is asked about his thoughts on modern Japanese video games. And, he tells the audience what he thinks. The Internet proceeds to explodes.  Watch the question, the answers from the panel & his take on the Internet aftermath. (short film)

  • Edmund’s Epilogue:  Filmed well after the release of Super Meat Boy and IGTM, Edmund McMillenʼs games are now smash hits. Despite his life-changing success, Edmund continues to create. How he finds inspiration, motivation and lives a creative life. (short film)

  • Tommy’s Epilogue:  Tommyʼs his new life, new city, new love & new cars.  This piece was filmed specifically for the IGTM Special Edition, well after the release of Super Meat Boy and IGTM. (short film)

  • Danielle’s Epilogue:  Edmundʼs wife Danielle talks about her life after, Cats and Cat-lady-ness. (short film)

  • Edmund and teh Internets:  Edmund shares the story of why he left the Internet. (short film)

  • Tommy and teh Internets:  The story behind Super Meat World, trolls & Tommyʼs epiphany about the Internet. (short film)

  • Tommy: The Day After:  Shot the day after Super Meat Boyʼs first release, Tommy reflects his feelings in the moment and having a programmer brain. (Lost Scene)

  • The Art of Braid:  The thoughts & technique behind the imagery;  Artist David Hellman talks about Braid’s handmade art & themes. (short film)

  • Passage:  Jason Rohrerʼs game will make you cry. Or maybe it wonʼt. Find out about his design process & his take on the reaction to Passage. (short film)

  • Spelunky:  Game designer & artist, Derek Yu reveals his meticulous level design process to create the randomly-generated world of Spelunky.

  • ELISS:  Becoming an indie game-maker. How code, the process of discovery and developments in mobile phones, changed the life of Steph Thirion. Hear the story of the award-winning iOS game, Eliss. (short film)

  • David & Clouds:  David Hellman looks at the iterative nature of making video game art. (short film)

  • GAMEJAM:  Wanna make a game? Hereʼs some inspiration from some TIGJam game makers.

  • Tri-Achnid:  Edmund discusses one of the early physics-based side scrollers, Tri-achnid.

  • AVGM:  Click. Click. Click. Click.  Edmund shares insight into his mysterious game, AVGM.

  • COIL:  The inspiration and story behind Edmundʼs experimental game, Coil. What did he learn about the use theme in gameplay?

  • Phil Watches Phil:  Phil Fish watches Indie Game: The Movie for the first time.

  • The C Word:  Edmund tells the story of his controversial game, The C Word.  (short film)

  • Control:  Edmund & Tommy talk about the control design in Super Meat Boy, the need
    for precision and good feels.  (short film)

  • Canabalt:  Developer Adam Saltsman talks about the design, sound and art behind the iOS hit game, Canabalt. (short film)

  • MEGA 64’s IGTM Trailer:  The comedy group, Mega64, re-cuts/re-imagines the IGTM trailer.  (parody trailer)

  • Edmund Collections:  Edmund shows us some of his favourite things from around the world. (short film)

  • IGTM Goes to TIGJAM:  A GameJam short film full of coding, fun, creation and games, but severely devoid of sleep.  With Appearances by Alec Holowka (Aquaria, Night in the Woods), Adam Saltsman (Canabalt, Hundreds), Kyle Pulver (Snapshot), Matthew Wegner (Aztez) and many more. (short film)

  • IGTM Gears Up:  A short video detailing the equipment used to shoot IGTM.  If you’re an interested, this video and blog post is for you … and likely only for you :)

  • Plus another Team Meat Commentary on top of all the Special Edition content

So, that's what's in the base package and the DLC :)

Thanks for checking it out!

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