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Doatg Oct 25, 2012 @ 10:14am
Wow what happen to todays matchups
What the hell it's the World Series for Chirst Sake, and what happen to todays matchup. I wanted to simulate today's World Series game for Thursday just for kicks.... bummer. I guess somebody forgot to tell 2K that americans play in a world series. Oh yeah it's the DB Ronnie, he didnt get the memo he was out playing Cricket. Why should 2K thats based in Great Britain make baseball games is beyond me, they dont play american sports. Why because they lack the passion we have here in the states for our games, and thus far shows big time in 2K baseball. Even sony makes a better baseball game, that has better graphics and mechanics. Every now and then will try and play this game, but realise that i dont have other options available to me................Oh i miss MVP baseball
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