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V4ND4L Dec 25, 2012 @ 1:49am
Mass vs Upgrades, Bombing, a question about Interest, and Build Ideas
I have a few things I would like to ask others about:

1) Mass vs Upgrades

Have you found that it is better to have a massive amount of turrets, or go with a few (at chokepoints) and upgrade these to more powerful varieties? I'm finding a mixture seems to work well on some maps, others not so much.. one of the hardest elements to the game is not being able to predict which path they will be taking at the onset of the wave, making precious resources possibly squandered.

2) Bombing

One question about bombing. I notice that bombing near your forts/bases ruins some of the architecture (non-health bar units). For these units specifically, does it matter if you drop bombs in close proximity to them? I understand on the maps that tell you to protect the AA guns or defend the secondary target (like a bridge), but I'm referring to the tents, water towers, and other building structures that do not have a health bar. ---- I normally spend 20 of my points at the build phase for at least one bomb tower and I try to always have another one built in the first 2-3 rounds. I like to end with at least 4-5.

3) Interest

I accidentally passed by this info when a game was running and I don't understand what Interest is. I see its being tracked on my stats though..

4) Build Ideas

Currently, I'm going with Ironback II (turret armor), Greenback II (more money at start), and Special Delivery (more valuable crates). Anyone have better perk builds and start tactics to share?
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alexrdavies Mar 9, 2013 @ 10:20am 
Mass vs Upgrades -

1. In a lot of levels there's an island or ridge near your base. If you set up there then your turrets can hit units whatever path they choose. A small number of upgraded units here is almost always the best choice, as they take part in every wave.

2. Once you have comm towers, you should aim for small 'clusters' covered by a comm tower for extra range.

Bombing -

I haven't noticed any side effects of bombing the scenery. In fact, the game encourages it - sometimes these buildings hide the secret star.

I agree that it's great to set up a bomb tower right at the start... I use it to clear supply crates to begin with and it pays for itself quickly. I pretty much never finish with more than three, though. You might want to ask yourself what you're really getting from your fourth and fifth towers.

Interest -

If you build comm towers then they will earn you interest at the end of each round. More towers and higher levels means more interest. To take advantage of this you need to save some money (so be restrained if you can - rewind helps). It's capped at $50 per round.

Build ideas -

I'm a big fan of 'dig in'. It increases towers' power - and RANGE - for almost no money at all. It also makes them more efficient as they will stay facing in one direction instead of taking time to track their targets.

It's not appropriate for every tower as some need to cover more than one route (though you can change the direction they face for free, even while time is running). But it's a huge boost for most of them... I dig in more than half my turrets.

I don't have much use for Ironback. If you dig in, use comm towers, and build on ridges then your range will be so great that you'll kill the enemies before they do much damage.
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V4ND4L Mar 9, 2013 @ 5:04pm 
Re: Extra Bombs

The 4th and 5th bomb towers lend themselves to a veritable unending barrage of bombs; quite effective so long as the attackers aren't traveling next to the defense towers. I leave certain areas devoid of towers at the attacker entrance area and usually one zone along the pathway to my bases. When you can drop 5 bombs in a row in these death zones, you wipe a silly amount of enemies out quickly. By the time you're finished, its almost no time at all and that first bomb is ready to go again. In a nutshell, that's why I use so many bomb towers... Death Zones! *wink*

I liked your Digging In tactic. I played around with it a bit, but didn't like it by itself. I like the idea of the combo with Comm Towers though + ridges (if available). I will definitely be trying that out.
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