Bla gjennom og vurder guider skapt av andre spillere for dette spillet. Eller lag din egen og del tips med samfunnet.
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av The Kingslayer (SK)
Hub Cheat Codes - Spawn Cheats You can enter cheats by accessing the HUB menu, then the Extras menu, and finally the Cheats menu. Entering codes disables auto-saves and also will not allow you to earn any in-game Trophies or Achievements unless you load ...
How to spend 30 minutes with Velociraptor Ned (Walking the Dinosaur)
av Zyga
Now I get what you're thinking... why would I even want to spend time with Ned in the first place? Well to answer that, you do because achievements and reasons . Good enough? Introduction Velociraptor Ned comes from the DLC...
[Все достижения] How the Saints Save Christmas DLC
av MrStakan
Руководство по получению всех достижений в How the Saints Save Christmas DLC для Saints Row IV. Если возникли какие-то вопросы, пишите в коментариях, попытаюсь ...
Saints Row IV: Guía Definitiva en Español
av Juanseb
Guía definitiva en español de Saints Row IV: cómo conseguir logros, todo sobre los personajes, misiones, secretos y mucho más en esta guía....
Самые полезные и весёлые моды для Saints Row IV
av Saint Zadrot
Самые полезные и весёлые моды для Saints Row IV...
How To Be a Superhero
av ȴǓȻĮӺξƦ
Cool way to play saints row IV...
The Penetrator location
av Dr.eXtrime
This guide will show you where to find The Penetrator...
Enter The Dominatrix DLC (100% Guide)
av Jedo
This guide is an extension of my 100% achievement guide for SR4.
Activities made easy - Tips & Tricks inside
av Autositz
Some helpfull hints to make your life in Saints Row 4 activities easier....
[RUS] Гайд по достижениям (Saints Row IV)
av Gr[1]m