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[RUS]Создание Райна Гослинга
by 再次中國迪克
В этом руководстве я расскажу как создать РИЛ ХИМАН БИН...
by Chris Leo I
How to spend 30 minutes with Velociraptor Ned (Walking the Dinosaur)
by Zyga
Now I get what you're thinking... why would I even want to spend time with Ned in the first place? Well to answer that, you do because achievements and reasons . Good enough? Introduction Velociraptor Ned comes from the DLC...
by The Kingslayer (SK)
Hub Cheat Codes - Spawn Cheats You can enter cheats by accessing the HUB menu, then the Extras menu, and finally the Cheats menu. Entering codes disables auto-saves and also will not allow you to earn any in-game Trophies or Achievements unless you load ...
Spolszczenie DLC fabularnych.
by Gaberus (PC Ekspert)
Witajcie. W tym poradniku pokażę skąd pobrać i jak zainstalować spolszczenie do DLC fabularnych. Wraz z wydaniem edycji Game Of The Century, Cenega wydała patch polonizacyjny. Można go pobrać [url=
Conquista "Epic Jump Quest" [Vídeo]
by AndersonTBone
Maneira simples de conseguir a conquista da Steam "Epic Jump Quest"....
Saints Row 4 - Easter Eggs/Secrets
Wanna know how to find all those cool secrets and Easter Eggs hidden through out Saints Row 4?...
Saints Row IV Tweak Guide
by |WS| Supersonic933
SRIV can be tweaked as you wish. With these tweaks, you can disable motion blur even with post processing on, increase or decrease shadowmap resolution, increase Field of View, and more!...
[RUS] Гайд по достижениям (Saints Row IV)
by Gr[1]m
[Все достижения] How the Saints Save Christmas DLC
by MrStakan
Challenge Guide
by Autositz
Some usefull hints and guides on how to get your challenges and achievements done....
[Все достижения] Enter The Dominatrix DLC
by MrStakan
100% Achievement Guide
by Jedo
This guide aims to explain how to get all achievements in SR4. I try to keep it as short as I can and any feedback/suggestions are appreciated. If you feel this guide has helped you then please rate/favorite/follow me for future updates and guides for ...
Store hacking made easy - ALL 34 hacks inside
by Autositz
Guide for all 34 Store hacks. Screenshot of every hack inside....
Epic Jump Quest Achievement Guide
by Jedo
In this guide I will show 2 videos showing how to get Epic Jump Quest. I wil also be listing some basic advice relating to the achievement. Please feel free to add some advice in the comment section below! I will add them and give credit where it is d...
Objets Secrets et Véhicules Uniques [FR]
by Khaziox
Ce guide vous permettra de découvrir les différents objets cachés et autres easter egg disséminés dans Saints Row IV. Le guide sera mis à jour en fonction des découvertes et des conseils de la communauté....
[ENG/RUS] Dominatrix, моды, пасхалки, перевод достижений и читы в Saints Row IV
Русский (and partly English) гайд по игре Saints Row IV. В этом гайде вы увидите: Секретные оружия и транспорт, Пасхалки, Хитрые способы, Достижения, Чи...
Activities made easy - Tips & Tricks inside
by Autositz
Some helpfull hints to make your life in Saints Row 4 activities easier....
Time of Day Options and How They Look
by Vegg
For your convenience....
The Penetrator location
by [KTOÜ] Dr.eXtrime
This guide will show you where to find The Penetrator...
Saints Row IV - Русификатор от ZoG [Forum] Team
by |Fioh| BiOS
How the Saints Save Christmas DLC (100% Guide)
by Jedo
Welcome to my DLC achievement guide for How the Saints Save Christmas. As always I am open to feedback. I hope you like this guide as much as I liked writing it! Happy Holidays to all you 3rd Street Saints!...
SRIV: Cheats + Additional Cheats Mod
by Dilin
A true list of cheats, ripped from the games coding itself, some of these cheats require the Additional Cheats mod on!...
[Challenges] Испытания в игре Saints Row IV
by Have mercy please God erase us
Небольшое рководство по испытаням с комментариями: где и как их можно можно выполнить без проблем....
Читы на русском языке Saints Row IV
by Dr. Shpritz
Для русских людей...
The Loud Locust
by Freezincoldpickles
A simple guide to get a secret weapon....
Enter The Dominatrix DLC (100% Guide)
by Jedo
This guide is an extension of my 100% achievement guide for SR4.
Как получить достижение: "Epic jump quest"
by ●•°$@Ť@☈ÑęⱠⱠ°•●
В этом небольшом гайде будет показан способ получения ачивмента: "Epic jump quest", для тех кто испытывает трудности с его получением....
Карты с расположением собираемых предметов в Saints Row 4 (English / Russian)
В этом руководстве я представлю для вас карты, которые помогут понять где находится те самые предметы, которые надо собрать, в игровом мире ...
How to get one of the most powerful weapons in saints Row IV
by dis_the_chris
In this guide i will be telling you how to get one of the most powerful weapons in saints Row IV: the Tiny Pistol...
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