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kogny 2012年9月11日下午5:28
glicthes in demo
i have had some trouble in the demo of this game, for a majority of the demo the chat boxes/menus, the main character, or certain parts of the secenery have been flickering and it really diminished the gameplay, i would purchase this game but i dont think i can deal with the annoying flickering all the time, otherwise i loved it. so anyone give info if this happend to you, or if i can fix it somehow anything can help, thanks
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kogny 2012年9月11日下午5:36 
oh and by the way i am a huge fan of old-style rpg games, especially turn based ones. so if anyone could post any good rpg games either turn based or not in there reply that would be appreciated
Skivin 2012年9月11日下午6:13 
As far as I can tell, the flickering is just a problem that resulted from it being a port of a PSP game. There might be some solutions online, but it really hasn't happened to me enough to be an issue. It happens almost all the time during screen transitions, but during actual gameplay only the hud vanishes occasionally. It depends on how much it bugs you, but I personally think the game was still worth it. From what I can gather, it has something to do with v-sync if you want to go about fixing the flickering.
こい 2012年9月11日下午8:19 
are you playing in a window or fullscreen
kogny 2012年9月12日下午3:22 
ive tried on all screen sizes it still flickers
Jon the Red 2012年9月12日下午4:19 
I managed to experience flickering exactly once, when I pressed the button to skip a cutscene near the end of the game, and even then, it was just that the screen would flash black after closing a dialogue box. I don't know if that had anything to do with it,
kogny 2012年9月12日下午4:24 
ive tryed everything it still flickers..... it really diminishes gameplay i would have been sold if it werent for this
Skivin 2012年9月12日下午7:37 
Resolution won't do much for flickering, but the youkai up there does bring up a good solution for fps problems. Besides flickering, the game likes to randomly decrease framerate while in fullscreen, even when it normally runs at a steady 30 fps. I have to change resolution all the time whenever fps decides to drop on me >_<. But like I said before, have you tried turning off Vsync?
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kogny 2012年9月13日下午6:41 
no ill get back to you on that tomorrow thanks for the suggestion though
Black Angel..... 2012年9月16日上午4:15 
i bought the game had no bugs / grapfikel errors
Pseudo-ku 2012年9月16日下午3:39 
I've gotten used to the flickering. But it is rather issuey. Can't blame the game for that, it's still awesome.
MOTU 2012年9月19日下午4:50 
I also had the same problem with the demo. This reason alone has kept me from purchasing. The flickering is quite annoying and detracts from the game too much for me.
Thanoxyn 2012年9月29日下午1:15 
I would love to be able to reply, but I can't even play the demo as it quits as soon as I get to the screen that decides my characters looks. fine drivers and everything.
Nick 2012年10月15日下午7:06 
I had the same problem, I fiddled with settings and turning off V-sync fixed the screen tearing. hope that fixed the problem for you mate.
Jamochet 2012年10月21日下午3:05 
In the demo it flickers constantly for me. The HUD flickers very quickly when I am moving. Very annoying.
Marioface5 2012年10月25日下午1:07 
Turning off v-sync should fix the issue. It did for me, anyway.
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