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Dave33 Dec 19, 2012 @ 6:18pm
tempted to buy but stung lately by minerwars
As in the subject just put money out on a game that was garbage and done, however as for this game I have actually played a bit through it at a friends and what worrys me about is the magic and formation system tbh I love the levelling up aspect etc but the magic and formation systems seems so complex and arguably convoluted that it may detract from the experience ie my level does count because im not a master at these formations.

So does the game have a good story/campaign?
What makes it fun?
Thos of you would have but lots of hours into it does it feel diverse?

I was almost going to buy this but after Miner wars I learned to check the forums first and for example I like the game SPace Pirates and Zombies, I goto the foums and its pretty much positive across the board, I check the forums here and I see a sorta of good amount of positive but also people who dont like. I would be equally grateful for contructive positive and negatives on the game answering all of or some of my questions or heck even none of my questions but have a view on the game.

actually since the game has unique elements how have most of you found the community for helpful resources and just help in general to become proficient enough with the formation system so as the main focus is looting items and levelling/having fun rather than losing your party because you had a strong team but the wrong formation?

Thanks all :)
ClaDun x2 > General Discussions > Topic Details