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For people who are unable to find matches
the majority of players are in either us or eu so if you are in country like china or india or iran , there is possibility that you are not going to find any match so , all you have to do is go to steam > setting > download > download region > us or eu ,...
How to be good at the game. (A real guide)
Since every other guide on here that isn't from LAZYAZZGAMER is trash, I dediced to make my own guide on how to be a good/better player. I hope it helps out some of you, who can't stand a chance against the good players yet. This is coming from a level 1...
Starting off Strong
by Rex
If you don't know where to start, this is where you should be starting....
Obliterate everyone.
by Hitlersunα D
In this guide you will read about my favourite loadout and playstyle for this game. While playing like this i win and finish in the top 3, 8 out of ten times on avarage....
How To Survive Team Death Match-Gotham City Impostors
by Manny
Playing Gotham City Impostors is always fun, sometimes you win & other times you just lose miserably, but in your case you wanna win ¾ of the time you are online playing the game.These Are Some Tips to Survive in Gotham City Impostors! 1. Always Have ...
Preset Loadouts
by My Neighbour Toblerone
Upon selecting a loadout, you are presented with seven choices. The first two are your custom loadouts, unlocked and selected by you, and five preset loadouts, sometimes consisting of weapons/gadgets/support items that you may not have. This guide aims to...
For new players: Starting to play this game
by Rozyx
This guide will help you get into this game more smoothly than just jumping in. It will help you get rid of net lag and also graphical lag....
Show everyone those big balloons
by [北神] Master Bei Shen
The ultimate guide to fine whining....
How To Reduce ALL Lag!
by ☁S-B☁
This guide will help you remove all lag in the game! Unless the host is laggy...Thats the only downside....Hm...Just...Turn V-Sync off...Yep......