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Option for japanese Voices?
Is There a option to switch on the japanese Voices?
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it's meeks Oct 10, 2012 @ 2:08pm 
unless you change your copy of the game into japanese, and i have no idea how to do that
Chizu [No Internet] Oct 11, 2012 @ 11:52am 
Are the voices different? I don't remember there being any.
I owned the japanese Dreamcast version. I know for certain at least that the Professor K stuff was always in english, it had japanese subtitles.
it's meeks Oct 11, 2012 @ 12:17pm 
yeah professor k was always voiced by billy brown, everything else was in japanese though. radio broadcasts from onishima and the keisatsu, all the rudies, goji. everyone was in japanese except for professor k
Chizu [No Internet] Oct 11, 2012 @ 12:51pm 
Ah, it'd been a long time since I played it.
Kind of a shame the option wasn't included then.
swooper_d Oct 11, 2012 @ 1:40pm 
I also want this. had the Jap version on DC and the English voices just don't sound right.
Neo Dec 2, 2012 @ 5:14am 
Just go into the DATA\JETRADIO folder and swap the SND_SE and E_SND_SE files. Those files have the Japanese and English character voices respectively.

There's also the SND_MUSEN and E_SND_MUSEN files, which hold the voices for the in-game captioned dialogue (tapped police lines). But I prefer not to touch these ones since the important stuff (player character sound bytes, Onishima's mad cackle, the Keisatsu's huphuphup) is stored in the other file, and I'd much rather be able to understand what they're saying over the intercom without having to read the tiny, slow scrolling pager at the bottom of the screen.
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