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Arctiq 2012年9月21日下午2:50
Good job, Sega!
I LOOVED JSR when I was little. Let's use this Sega Heritage thing to our advantage and bring us Sonic Adventure 2! Now I'm pretty sure that half of the steam community would buy that, am I right?
最后由 Arctiq 编辑于; 2012年9月21日下午3:38
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Nat King Konga 2012年9月21日下午3:03 
Nat King Konga 2012年9月21日下午3:03 
you are
uRiuRo 2012年9月21日下午3:03 
Sonic Adventure 2 comes out on PSN and Xbox live in October, so I'm sure it'll follow suit on steam aswell.
Nat King Konga 2012年9月21日下午3:04 
They better or i am going to cry in a corner
METAL-SLUG 2012年9月21日下午3:26 
2 weeks till SA2 :D
Saint Satan 2012年9月21日下午7:55 
No. No. No. No Sonic Adventure 2. How about Jet Set Radio Future instead?
Dunkley 2012年9月22日上午4:16 
Sonic Adventure 2 is already confirmed to hit Steam in October too.
Benny 2012年9月22日上午6:08 
I want Shenmue :(
Mono 2012年9月22日上午6:30 
Shenmue would make me very happy! Maybe PSO too? :D
Gamephreak5 2012年9月22日上午10:55 
If you want PSO, you could download the free PC version from and play on their servers.
Ange1ofD4rkness 2012年9月27日上午2:23 
Yes I am waiting for Sonic Adventure 2 ... been waiting a long time for it (that as well as Speed Devils (damn you Racer X) and Crazy Taxi 2).

Man I still have the theme for Speed Devils stuck in my head.

And it's good to paly this game. It's been around 10 years since I played it with my buddy (and if SA2 is true I finally get to play that again).

Another game I wish was ported (it's Nintendo's) is Cel Damage
Gryphman 2012年9月28日下午2:30 
For the love of god a PC release of Guardian Heroes!
Rizlablue 2012年9月29日下午5:18 
shenmue in HD would be top notch and JSRF. Im all up for a complete Dreamcast selection though, powerstone, speed devils, everything!
Chizu 2012年9月29日下午8:57 
if SA2 and NiGHTS follow JSR's example, they should be out on the 2nd of October (this tuesday~) on steam.

I am hoping sega will then announce Skies of Arcadia (favourite game ever) and Shenmue's HD versions. Seeing as they were teased a while back now, also SEGA renewed the Trademark for Skies, so I am hopeful :'(

Kinda hoping maybe once those are all set to come out and stuff, they announce JSRF.
Chizu 2012年9月29日下午8:59 
引用自 ThingKingNinja
shenmue in HD would be top notch and JSRF. Im all up for a complete Dreamcast selection though, powerstone, speed devils, everything!
That'd be awesome. Its too bad Powerstone and Speed Devils were not Sega games.
Capcom did port Powerstone to PSP, who knows, maybe they'll catch on and do the collection for pc.
I don't even remember who made Speed Devils without looking it up, but those were some good games.
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