Hell Raven Dec 27, 2012 @ 2:48am
Encountered a problem importing custom Graffiti
I can't find anything to help me. I've made the custom sprays in-game. Downloaded the importer, but when I select my save location all I get as an option is 0 or 10. 0 does nothing and 10 says I didn't make custom graffiti in-game and thus I cannot replace it. Can anybody lend a hand or am I SOL?
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Yin Dec 27, 2012 @ 10:31am 
Really weird. Are you using the latest version? Just tried now for the first time and it's been real simple.
1. Go in-game and create a custom graffiti
2. Exit the game, open the software ( JSR Custom Graffiti Manager V5 )
3. On the first option, put your userdata folder on Steam (should be something like c:\programfiles\steam\userdata\numerofyoursteamaccount\205950 (that's the number of JSR)
*PS - This is really important, at first I thought all I had to do was put the GAME folder (common/JSR) but no, you have to put the userdata folder.
4. Choose your save (0 is the first save, 10 is nothing I think)
5. your custom graffiti will appear on the boxes
6. Click replace button and choose an image of the same size as the graffiti (transparent PNG works fine)
7. It will ask if you want to replace a file, if you get an error try running the program as an administrator

After that you can just close the program and run JSR, go to the graffiti menu and pick the custom graffiti you want.
Hell Raven Dec 27, 2012 @ 1:34pm 
*Sigh* Now I feel silly, it was just because it wasn't running as admin. I really should just turn that off already, it causes nothing but problems. Thanks for the help anyway though.
[✚] Dr.Shadox May 26 @ 11:30pm 
Hi , i find the c:\programfiles\steam\userdata\numerofyoursteamaccount\205950 folder but the only thing it say is like "you need a custom graf..." but i've already done 1 of each in the regular game , and even after restart the game its say the same things.
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