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ryuuzaki May 1, 2013 @ 1:28pm
Flight or Fight
Any tips on how to beat this level? I use Tab because he can pick up up to 30 spray cans and whenever I run out of cans I have a hard time finding more... I tried Beat but it's still impossible, I can't finish it no matter how hard I try, either the time runs out or I get killed by those flying assasins, I've tried some strategies (like Spraying the difficult parts before the assassins come, or altering the order of the zones I spray) but none of them seem to work! This has driven me to despair xD I really like this game but this level keeps me from playing it...
Suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance
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NBlast May 3, 2013 @ 12:02pm 
You really tried to tackle the hardest parts first? Take the biggest places in the start area. Then take yourself down to the sewers - there the biggest graffity is. Then I would go on the scrapyard and then back on the starting area - finishing everything up and they go to the residential area to finish it.

Look for shortcuts! There are lots of them - for example. On the starting area head on the bottom of the street, where the golden rhino statue is. Run as fast as you can IN THE WALL opposite to the rooftops. It's breakable and it will transport you to the residential area (look on my guide above - you can use this shortcut on my suggested road!). There are also few red cans to use.

Take Combo if you are dying alot. First think about yourself, then about spraycans

Starting area is full of cans. Restock there where you are nearby.

Red cans are your friends, but there are well hiden. Look for them.

Good luck!
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ryuuzaki May 3, 2013 @ 6:54pm 
Thank you very much for your answer, I really appreciate it! This is exactly what I was looking for hehe, I'll keep in mind the things you told me and yeah I'll use Combo as I'd rather not run around desperately on the lookout for Red Cans XD
I'll be sure to resort to your guide if I need further help, I'm really thankful! I'll be sure to report back once I beat this level.
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ryuuzaki May 4, 2013 @ 8:46pm 
Thanks you for your answer!
Yeah I've watched that video and I gotta say he makes it look so easy XD I'll try soon, I need to get the motivation to fire up the game and beat it once and for all!
Also, I'll try spraying only the red arrows!
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ryuuzaki May 5, 2013 @ 9:15am 
Hey! I finally beat it, I got a 'Pedal' rating and got 31k points as I only sprayed the red arrows, it was hard before but by following your guide I managed to beat it in only two tries. I did it with Combo, I sprayed the starting area first, then went down to the sewers, after that I went to the scrapyard and finally to the residental area. Thank you very much guys :D
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