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Electric Messiah May 10 @ 7:39pm
Devs: Post a Video with the screenshots.
Title says it. Your doing yourself a disservice by not posting one on the Store page. .02

I use to play this game when it was free on the web (maybe it still is).
I saw it on sale on HB and had to buy it. :)
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Pepe_DeJefe Jun 23 @ 11:09pm 
I'll second this. I've never heard of this game before, and found it through a Steam store page crosslink. I like the basc idea of a puzzle game based on music, but I can't even tell if that's really what this is (seems implied by the name, but that's all I've got). The description tells me literally nothing more than that it's a puzzle game, and the screen shots are too abstract to tell what is going on in them. Either a better description or a gameplay video is sorely needed, otherwise I literally can't determine anything about this other than... that it's a game... apparently?
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