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BenWah Nov 19, 2012 @ 11:10pm
Yesterday is very good, but other pendulo games are mostly terrible.
So I just played all the steam pendulo games.

Runaway 1 and 2 were painful unintuitive pixel hunts where the walkthrough was mandatory. Runaway 3 was dramatically better than the prior 2, I'll call it fairly good.

Next big thing was... not very good

Yesterday was really very good. The best of all their games for sure.
I recommend this one.

No technical issues with any of the games with Windows 8. A few rare crashes.
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Tidus755 Nov 21, 2012 @ 11:51pm 
Could you tell me more about Next big thing? did you complete it ? I heard it has a very good ending and that it's very funny. What do you think?
BenWah Nov 22, 2012 @ 12:45am 
Next Big Thing was all very "wacky" -- random and nonsensical.
Unfortunately I didn't find it amusing nor did I care about the characters or story.
The only good thing about the ending was relief that the painful game was over, because each nonsenical story and puzzle just led to more of the same.

I hope my post doesnt discourage anyone from playing "yesterday", which is entirely excellent!

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Tidus755 Nov 26, 2012 @ 12:10pm 
Thanks for the info. I knew I was going to purchase Yesterday but I was on the fence with purchasing the whole Pendulo games pack.
StarryEyedGirl Dec 1, 2012 @ 2:11pm 
Just finished this with a play time of about 3 hours. Starts out like your average story, but picks up quite well not too far in. Definitely a great story with interesting characters.

The whole thing feels like an adventure game distilled to the most important elements without pixel hunting or dialogue fluff so I can't complain. I prefer games that throw in a little humor here and there, but it wouldn't have fit too well with this macabre story. Fortunately a few chuckles were thrown in for good measure when trying to use certain items.

Worth the purchase if you can get for less than $10.

As a side note I enjoyed Runaway back when it first came out, but got bored and quit halfway through the second game. I haven't played The Next Big Thing.
Richard Conway Dec 23, 2012 @ 12:22pm 
I really loved Runaway 3 (I discovered Pendulo Studios with this game) and I'm currently playing Runaway 1. The graphics are a bit old but it's still good and I love it. I can't wait to play the 2. After that I'm gonna play he Next Big Thing.
My big crush is on Yesterday tho. I really love the game and even if it's sad it's a bit short, the game is amazing. I think it's because Pendulo Studios are struggling to make their games. I really hope they could carry on and release Day One. The studio is worth it.
Voodooman Dec 26, 2012 @ 12:44am 
Kids nowadays does not have taste and brains...
Runaway 1-3 and Next Big Thing was much better than Yesterday.

In previour 4 games every action was animated and voiced, UI was classic for genre, you can save, can go anywhere wil fully animated route or can skip wlaking animation by doulbe clicking, now in Yesterday nothing animated or voiced, you just reading text like "i tried to pull the crap and it did-not move", every action you perform just make things spawns in your face, every click on hotspot makes character magically "Teleport" right next to item or place, also you can even save in this game, the only save option is to quit the game... which is really stupid in cases you want to try something out in game and then reload old save if it doenst work, now you need to QUIT GAME TO SAVE it, THEN RUN IT AGAIN, THEN TRY THINGS, THEN QUIT GAME AND RUN IT AGAIN... THATS STUPID GAME DESIGN CONCEPT... also there are tips everywhere, for stupid idiots (no wonder someon saying crap about pixel hunting, which is actually the main part of quest genre gameplay, its not for blind or stupid people... was), and you cant even turn them off (like you can in Next Big Thing) and the always in front of you like a candy in front of hungry kid, oh yeah if forgot about dialogs... WHERE THEY ARE?????.
Yesterday feels like it was dumbed down and oversimplified to kids and idiots level, despite the setting of game is for adult people, it treats people like a brainless kids and lazy asses who want to finish game in 2 clicks in less then 2 hours without even turning on their brains for a second.... seriosly? U cant even see fully animated walking or action in this game, you cant select between SEE\INTERACT actions (i mean befor you click in items), you cant select dialog options, you cant properly save in this game, cant turn off all the tips... this game feels dumbed down, unfinished, rushed and simply dissapointing. And you call it the best of pendulo games? You obviosly have no taste and insane, because it worse of them!
Other Pendulo games was VERY GOOD, but Yesterday is TERRIBLE!
I hope next Pendulo game would return to roots and will have gameplay, ui, and features just like Runaway 1-3 or Next Big Thing, otherwise i wound not pay for retar*ed dumbed down and not fully animated quest like Yesterday where things spawns in your face and characters only teleports everywhere and you cant even save during game without quiting it and without using single save slot and where you cant select dialog options and talk about this and that with other characters.
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Richard Conway Dec 26, 2012 @ 7:54am 
I want to note there that the game was first planned to be released only on iOS. So the simplify thing seems logical, as almost every freaking game on the AppStore is for dumbs.
Yes the gameplay is terrible and I prefer the first ones. But you know what? I'd rather have a bad gameplay with a good story than a good gameplay with a bad story. (sure the best thing is good gameplay and good story obvsly).
I see Yesterday more like an interactive movie rather than a true point&click, that's all.
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Voodooman Dec 27, 2012 @ 4:24am 
I cant see Yesterday as interactive movie, because of lack of voice acting and animated actions, feels more like interactive slide-show or power-point presentation...
But the fact that game was developed for iOS and then ported on PC with all the contect cut and not tied well together is not an excuse, it actually makes game a bad PC port (not in tech terms, but in content terms).
If you want to see real interactive movie - try Fahrenheit indigo prophecy, Dreamfall : the longest journey, The Walking Dead... however they sux in terms of puzzles and challenge and classic Quest genre terms, more like interactive cut scenes with QTE. Btu yesterdays sux as both Quest and interactive movie. This game needs to be patched, missing animations and voice overs shoulld be added, proper saves should be added, classic selection between action and observation should be added and ability to completely turn off tips and tricks should be added as well, then Yesterday would not be so dissapointing as it is now.
BenWah Dec 3, 2013 @ 9:05am 
I really don't understand how someone could not love this game like I do!
Seriously this was so awesome... played so many terrible adventure games on steam, real relief to find something good.
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