Ybis 2012년 11월 1일 오후 12시 38분
3/4 content of original debut trailer not included!
Sadly! Looks like the game has more ambitions at the begining...
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Mon Zombo 2012년 11월 5일 오후 3시 31분 
What's not included?
Ybis 2012년 11월 6일 오전 9시 00분 
I post the link to debut trailer (2009). Almost all that it shows is absent in the actual game. Even music style.
ClownRazer 2012년 11월 18일 오후 6시 24분 
Some interesting concepts, but the fact that this game was highly "edited" isn't necessarily a bad thing, and is pretty common. And lets be thankful they went a different direction on the music.

Although I will admit there were some cool looking art assets i'm surprised got scrapped...maybe they'll return in a sequel. A lot of the "platforming" pieces they showed off looked kindof annoying, or like other sections that already exist (or still exist) in the game, so remvoing them makes the game feel less redundant and momotanous.

In other words, not disappointed bye this.
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