Tomas Nepotrebko 2012年8月25日下午2:48
Anyone plays it? I remember I was trying to find someone for online match about three weeks after release on Steam, but I didn't success. Is multiplayer dead since very release or it just was another fail of GFWL?
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Camelslayer 2012年8月26日上午9:29 
Not sure how many people play multiplayer; I personally prefer to do single-player.
ReBoot 2012年8月28日下午2:51 
I'd be up for some multiplayer.
Dat Face Soldier 2012年8月31日下午4:16 
I can't find any multiplayer matches... I've finished the story mode and left it there.
Da Hui 2012年9月4日下午2:37 
anyone wanny play multiplayer with me
SubWorx 2012年9月9日上午2:52 
Gotta finish story first, then I might be up for a few games - just can't get around to it, no time :(
OVERDRILL 2012年9月14日上午2:20 
for some mp ITSP added me on steam
ClownRazer 2012年11月18日下午6:32 
Also willing to play some multi. Would like to get those achievements, and I've only tried once, but they seem pretty difficult solo
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