EverQuest Free-to-Play

EverQuest Free-to-Play

nioli 2013年2月11日上午12:34
Everquest or Everquest 2?
I have been thinking about playing everquest but I am torn between the new free to play Everequest or F2P Everquest 2. Which is worth playing more in your opinions? Also, if you guys think another free MMORPG is better, by all means I'd like to hear it. Thank you.
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Quetza 2013年3月3日下午1:49 
You want everquest experience look up Project 1999, free to play, and is more everquest than everquest is now. Sony's version of free to play is give you just enough to expose you to the game, but charge you out the♥♥♥♥♥to experience any content, or use anything you get.
Sly Goon 2013年3月7日下午8:06 
If everquest1 try the timelocked servers where they only are at expansion 7 atm. In that way you have a chance to catchup.

If everquest 2 I would say this, if you havent o are not tired of WoW you might want to play wow since EQ2 is more boring than WoW. That becomes obvious when you have played for a week, you start to not log in so often.
ForoHardware.com 2013年3月13日上午8:18 
Everquest 1 is the best mmorpg ever, you just need a few days to learn well how to play becouse is abit hard. I recomend to find a populated guild to ask everything you need to know. Great game and very deep skills, more than 5000 skills
LiedTOyourFace 2013年4月6日下午4:41 
everquest was the original modern day mmo. That being said i was only a couple years old when it came out. I didnt play it untill about a year ago. I started playing everquest 2 however when i was 7 and i have extremely fond memories of htat game and i am happy to say that it my favorite mmo to date. I have played many others like Wow and Aoc, rift, and a ton of otehr ftp but none of them top Eq2. Eq however is much more difficult than eq2 but not quite as fun. Those are my opinions hope it helps.
Baruk Khazâd 2013年4月13日上午7:55 
I have the fondest memories in almost all of gaming with EverQuest 1. I played from January 2000 until Sept 2002 or so, I think. After that I moved on to all the other games (DAoC, Shadowbane (another "fond memories" game), WoW, etc.)

When the classic progression servers came out a year or two ago, I had a wave of nostalgia hit me, and instantly wanted to start playing EQ1 again, I bought the expansion (because I've long forgotten my email account and password from ten years) -- and I couldn't play it longer than an hour or so. I forgot how clunky the UI is, etc. If they modernized the game interface more, it would be a lot better. I don't mind the old graphics, because it was the gameplay that made it a great game (I mean, look at Minecraft), but I just couldn't get back into it again.

That being said, EverQuest 2 is a really solid game, and I probably enjoyed it more than WoW, even though I played WoW more. I get to experience the nostalgia still, because they have all the old familiar areas. It's still pretty playable in it's F2P state, but if you play it longer than a few months and start getting up there in level, you'll want to subscribe. You don't have to, but it just makes it easier with gear, etc.
barda 2013年4月13日上午11:19 
everquest is the classic mmo no iff cant or but its got tons of things to do over 19 expac 17 if ya sub to gold witch is very worth it graphics hold up very well dispite its age tho its not as smooth as newer mmo but that said its got space and almost endless things to do and lore that would drive even trekies into a fit in sheer volume ver very worthwile game
Ordained_Dodo 2013年4月15日下午7:16 
引用自 barda
everquest is the classic mmo no iff cant or but its got tons of things to do over 19 expac 17 if ya sub to gold witch is very worth it graphics hold up very well dispite its age tho its not as smooth as newer mmo but that said its got space and almost endless things to do and lore that would drive even trekies into a fit in sheer volume ver very worthwile game

Grammar please, that was really hard to read.
BROWCOW 2013年5月4日上午4:30 
Everquest wasn't originally designed for the "casual" player. Graphically it's easier on your PC than your eyes, but I enjoy that.

Even in it's present form, it's the most immersive MMO experience. Unfortunately, the old days of traveling to the zone of your death, finding a necro to help find it, looting it, and begging a cleric for a rez are gone.

I say "unfortunately" because, dying used to be something you REALLY didn't want which made battle that much more exciting.

EQ beats EQ2, GW, and WoW by a long shot in my opinion, but it takes more patience to learn.
Volthair 2013年7月6日上午8:29 
Honestly, I havent played either...but I'd say everquest has been out the longest, it has more content and players than the sequel....Go for everquest.
MTB-Fritz 2013年7月9日上午11:01 
I m a vet EQ player (played it hardcore 10 years ago) but never touched EQ2, I made the transition to WoW long ago never looked back. Now that I m off the WoW for some time again I m looking for games to fill my freetime.

Everquest is really nice since they eased up on the F2P restrictrions, didnt regret installing it again. Always good for a few hours.

Everquest 2 now that looks INTERESTING, nice looks, lots of diversity and it feels polished (only made it to lv 11 yet on my Fury but I really like it).

EQ1 definately is easier on your machine. Me, I wont decide between the two...I ll just play both :)
PewPants 2013年7月28日下午8:06 
+1 to Project 1999
Swordmage 2013年7月31日上午3:39 
I have enjoyed both EQ and EQ2 over the years. EQ was my first love and I have just come back to experience it yet again with a new monk. EQ2 is a bit less demanding and is more solo friendly (and, of course, it has a more modern UI, for better or worse); I spent a lot of time on a lot of characters in EQ2 (need 9 crafters).

I have played many other MMOs over the last 12 years; however, I spent much more time in each of the EQ games than in any of the others; coming back again and again. WoW is WoW, nuf said; EvE is interesting but very different (an acquired taste, but with a very loyal base -- another of my come-back-to games); after them most of the MMOs I have played only kept me going for a few months.

That said, I am looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online (it MAY be special) and I will certainly play Final Fantasy XIV when it is relaunched (a vast improvement over the first release, but the bar was set really LOW).
Silvaran 2013年8月4日上午11:18 
When it comes to EQ just playe EQ2 if you're use to more moden MMORPGs. But it does fall short like most SOE f2p games in that you can't find a population anywhere low level. Just like with Vanguard when you walk in to a city you see NPCs, not players. I can't help but call this the major issue with either game. There's just not enough people to populate the game, and the ones that there are are usually very quiet as they're just starting out.
MTB-Fritz 2013年8月5日上午12:42 
the free to play system in EQ2 is quiet debilitating as you cannot join in chats as a free player which certainly prevents you from getting "into" stuff by not being able to ask around or just have a friendly chat. You constantly get reminded that you are a free player and cant enjoy its full benefits in form of goodies (Legendary stuff starts to drop at lv 20 and it has awesome stats) you cant use before you go gold.

The world in EQ2 is quiet small compared to the first part and when you compare EQ2 to other "modern" MMOs it simply fails. I returned to EQ1 for the nostalgia and so far it delivers. After playing EQ2 for a couple of days I d rather go with WoW to be honest.
Bugslayer 2013年8月13日下午10:24 
MTB-Fritz, when was the last time you tried EQ2? The free account can chat quite a bit, and it's only $5 for a step up to the Silver account which has unlimited chatting, access to the auction house, access to guild founding, 4 character slots, etc... i'll post a link to their (out of date) membership matrix, but keep in mind that a lot of the restrictions (class/race availability) has been vastly lifted. Only one race and one class are now restricted. http://eq2.zam.com/wiki/Membership_Matrix_(EQ2)
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