m0zone Jan 23 @ 1:33pm
looking for someone to play with
been out of game for a bit looking for someone to play with on fv server
have lower lvl and couple of 60s
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m0zone Jan 25 @ 11:02am 
toon is name is masla or bitterdreams on fv server msg me anytime
msg me on steam give you a invite code from eq for free stuff if your a new player
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MichaelCasely Jan 30 @ 11:16am 
I've just download EQ and was trying to find someone to show me the ropes. I've played many mmo's but I wanted to go back to a classic.
Drengsta Feb 4 @ 10:10am 
I am actually downloading this now. I played classic up until about lvl 30 so if there is anyone actually recruiting new players to show them the ropes again please message me. I'd like to find a group of people active to relive a game I never felt I "completed"
Fraziel07 Mar 7 @ 8:11pm 
When it comes to Fironia Vie guilds I would say it depends on what kind of guild you're looking for. Some guilds have requirements like "You have to be level 95 with 2000 AA's as a minimum," I've worked with four guilds so far, I am currently in a raid guild that does casual grouping and show people the ropes with their class. Hell I'm even the Shaman Class leader in that guild lol. Just look up Warmachine and ask any members what you may want to ask. Also be sure to learn elvish on your character since its the popular language used in the server lol.
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Zemiax Mar 15 @ 12:11am 
I have a level 11 NEC. I don't have the game on steam, but I do have it. If you want to play, I'll play.
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