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Популярные руководства Steam Созданные руководства, советы и прохождения
Port Royale 3: Trading Strategies
от Stryderunknown
Port Royale 3 Trade Strategies, this guide attempts to layout what each one does and where it can be useful....
Tip Of The Day
от Konrad
Explicitly short tips that are hopefully useful....
Treasure Fleets - Exporting Goods to Europe
от BlouBlou
Simple Tips to understands how treasures fleets, colonial goods and exporting works....
Simple Guides to Port Royale 3--In english--En español--En français
от Blastermanchips
If you want help with trading and attacking, this is for you!--Si desea ayuda con el comercio y el ataque, esto es para ti!--Si vous voulez aider avec le commerce et l'attaque, ceci est pour vous!...
Русификатор текста
от ๖ۣۜGhostRider
Русификация текста игры + DLC. ...
Complete Walkthrough of Port Royale 3 Trade Campaign
от troublmaker
In this guide you will find how to do every single part of the game from start to finish. If you are having problems with a single task the entire guide has been broken off into task specific elements with appropriate video assistance....