Neceros 2012年10月3日上午6:55
Black Screen on Start Up (SOLUTION)
If the game won't even load for you, and you get an error then you probably have to change your resolution in the pref.ini file in your documents folder, under My Games > GTB. It auto selected an improper resolution for me, so a manual change was the only fix.
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brian2032 2013年3月28日上午11:34 
change it to what? please tell me the numbers
Viss Valdyr 2013年4月14日上午11:09 
like 800x600 or what your prefer for your monitor
numanair 2013年8月2日下午2:52 
Thank you. This worked.
Drawbridge 2013年8月24日下午8:33 
I found this only worked if I ran the game in windowed mode, regardless of resolution. This seems like a strange problem as the non-steam version of this game runs just fine in fullscreen mode.
harmlessratz 2014年12月21日上午11:23 
cant find either the pref.ini file or the documents folder at all, reinstalling wont work, manually starting the game from the steam folder i only get a exe error, a dll file is missing when its not missing apparently
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