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Русификатор (Текст, Звук, Ролики)
di makc_ar
С ссылок убрать одну точку Установка: Распаковать в папку с игрой с заменой оригиналов. За основу русификатора была взята игра "Red Fact...
Red Faction II Cheat Codes Guide
Enter these on the Cheat Menu to unlock the following...
Playing Red Faction 2 on Windows 7
di Sims_doc
Ok, Running Red Faction 2 on Windows 7 isn't completely impossiable with this guide. I will attempt to inform you on how i manage to get past the 8 Mb Video Card Error which hasn't been patch by THQ. I recently contacted them on this subject, but they...
Cheat codes (extra)
di Poljak
Unlocks all ingame cheats, & one secret prank cheat....