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Cut'n'Dry Weapons Guide
por The Vhampster
...And before you ask, no pickaxe for you *IMPENDING SPOILERS!*...
Red Faction on Windows 7 and/or with proper widescreen
por Mulder[AFK]
This is a guide on how to configure Red Faction to run on most modern video cards with widescreen resolution, along with additional multiplayer features thanks to the people who made the Pure Faction mod. If you have any questions just let me know in the...
Red Faction Cheats
por Lebowski (Parker)
Since there are no Cheatguides for this game yet, I might as well create one.....
Помощь в похождении и объяснение затупов
por W.C.S.
How to Manually Replenish Remote Charges
por Multiverseman
This short guide will tell you how to replenish your remote charges if you are running low and there aren't any nearby....
how shoot win victories and game
por ✡Nathaniel✡Angel✡
in thsi gaem u must use weapon shoot to dfeat enemie and win gaem u can destroy wall and rock with rocket explosive gaem is hard and u must use eviroment to defeat boss and dodge attack to win...