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R. (Ariel) 2012年10月6日上午9:42
[SOLVED]Crashes EVERY TIME I go to customize screen
How do I fix this? I bought this awesome donut for my wheel and I have no way to equip it anymore now. =/
最后由 R. (Ariel) 编辑于; 2012年10月6日上午10:07
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OlivierJT 2012年10月6日上午9:50 
It could be related to your nickname
Don't use strange character and... well... Hangul ^_^
R. (Ariel) 2012年10月6日上午9:52 
I'm not sure if you're serious lol.
R. (Ariel) 2012年10月6日上午10:02 
Oh wow, you totally were serious. That's.. wow. Well thanks for the heads up!
最后由 R. (Ariel) 编辑于; 2012年10月6日上午10:06
OlivierJT 2012年10月6日上午10:05 
It works now ? Cool
Yeah I am a pretty serious fellow ^_^
There should be a patch to correct this, but for now avoid "Strange" name and also visiting Leaderboards on HY.
Please write [Solved] in your first post Title, merci !
Have fun in game !
R. (Ariel) 2012年10月6日上午10:06 
I guess it kinda works, apart from the fact that the customizations just reset after each death or every time I quit the game. =/
OlivierJT 2012年10月6日上午10:07 
I am guessing changing name has messed up you saved game too... This is not good news.
Were you far in the game ?
R. (Ariel) 2012年10月6日上午11:40 
Hmm, 3rd world I think? I'm not sure if I enjoy the game enough to change my nickname and to start again though.
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