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R. (Ariel) 2012年10月6日 9時42分
[SOLVED]Crashes EVERY TIME I go to customize screen
How do I fix this? I bought this awesome donut for my wheel and I have no way to equip it anymore now. =/
最近の変更はR. (Ariel)が行いました; 2012年10月6日 10時07分
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OlivierJT 2012年10月6日 9時50分 
It could be related to your nickname
Don't use strange character and... well... Hangul ^_^
R. (Ariel) 2012年10月6日 9時52分 
I'm not sure if you're serious lol.
R. (Ariel) 2012年10月6日 10時02分 
Oh wow, you totally were serious. That's.. wow. Well thanks for the heads up!
OlivierJT 2012年10月6日 10時05分 
It works now ? Cool
Yeah I am a pretty serious fellow ^_^
There should be a patch to correct this, but for now avoid "Strange" name and also visiting Leaderboards on HY.
Please write [Solved] in your first post Title, merci !
Have fun in game !
R. (Ariel) 2012年10月6日 10時06分 
I guess it kinda works, apart from the fact that the customizations just reset after each death or every time I quit the game. =/
OlivierJT 2012年10月6日 10時07分 
I am guessing changing name has messed up you saved game too... This is not good news.
Were you far in the game ?
R. (Ariel) 2012年10月6日 11時40分 
Hmm, 3rd world I think? I'm not sure if I enjoy the game enough to change my nickname and to start again though.
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