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Slipgate 2012년 10월 4일 오전 9시 41분
No sound during minigames
All I get is music.. just a little irritating. Anyone else getting the same thing?
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calveras86 2012년 10월 4일 오후 7시 07분 
I have the exact same problem.
OlivierJT 2012년 10월 5일 오전 3시 20분 
No problem here, what are your configuration.
using 7.1 Maybe ?
Slipgate 2012년 10월 5일 오전 4시 52분 
Desktop stereo speakers.. Realtek.. I'm thinking that has something to do with it, because I notice a change in music volume when I switch to another speaker configuration in audio properties
OlivierJT 2012년 10월 5일 오전 8시 09분 
Are you on Windows XP ??
What is your windows player version ?
Arkedo  [개발자] 2012년 10월 5일 오전 8시 36분 
Hi, Arkedo here.
Could you try to force "Stereo" in this windows pannel ?
Maybe it could help.
Best regards,

The Arkedo Team.
Reion 2012년 10월 5일 오전 10시 45분 
Opposite problem here, no music whatsoever in the game, but I do have game sound. Using a Logitech G930 headset, and in that windows panel I only have "7.1" as an option..
OlivierJT 2012년 10월 5일 오전 11시 04분 
Could you try with a stereo headphone instead too ?
From the Logitech forum there was an issue with realtek and also with ATI HDMI too...

From a ATi guy :
"Have you tried disabling the enhanced graphics option in the Logitech Gaming Software?

The Enable/Disable enhanced graphics option fully delinks LGS from your 3D accelerator library, and will require a PC restart upon selecting or disabling this option."

From here :

Reion : it doesn't seems like a HY! issue...

Good luck on this one... ^_^

calveras86 2012년 10월 5일 오후 2시 17분 
I'm running Windows XP and I have a Realtek sound card.
Reion 2012년 10월 5일 오후 2시 50분 
OliverJT: Tried with my old Creative Sigma's and indeed, the sound is fine now. I get both sound AND music through this headset.
Thank you!
OlivierJT 2012년 10월 5일 오후 6시 18분 
YEAH cool ! ^_^
Sorry about 7.1 ^_^
Slipgate 2012년 10월 5일 오후 8시 11분 
Same as Calveras, using XP and realtek, using headphones and I have my advanced audio properties set to desktop stereo speakers. I'll mess around with the advanced audio properties abit more
Slipgate 2012년 10월 6일 오전 5시 34분 
Still can't get it. :{
OlivierJT 2012년 10월 6일 오전 6시 05분 
Sometime on realtek Driver panel there are some stuff like enabling surround, virtual surround or that kind of optional "features"
On windows Xp, I couldn't set my speaker to 5.1, it was only 7.1 or nothing, kinda not good.
Today on many many games, Dialogs from character in game (like Dark Souls or Skyrim) I have to put the NPC on the side so I can hear them. It is annoying. When I face them my front speaker doesn't "work"
I don't know how to solve this too.
It is the same on 7.
I don't know how HY manage the sounds but I am guessing Stereo, i will know more about this on Monday.
If you can try to disable any virtual "fake" 3d Audio

You are using what kind of audio output ? A jack,SPDIF or Digital ? (the red fiber "light" cable)
OlivierJT 2012년 10월 6일 오전 6시 09분 
If you are using Stero it look like you computer is set to 5.1 or 7.1 and so you are missing some speakers.
Try this :
And tell me what you hear, this could be interesting ^_^
OlivierJT 2012년 10월 6일 오전 6시 13분 
Try this too :
Go to your realteck control panel, set it to 5.1 and desactivate the speaker. Like you see in this image :

Works ?
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