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Arilzu 2012年10月4日上午9:33
Fully completed. Ask if need help ~
So I've just finished the game, including all side missions! If anyone needs help feel free to ask and I'll do my best to provide guidance.. Such a great game, thoroughly enjoyed it <3
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River 2012年10月4日上午10:15 
I'm currently in space and the tells me to show some mob "the big picture" and I have no clue what to do, his name is lord irish
最后由 River 编辑于; 2012年10月4日上午10:15
OlivierJT 2012年10月4日上午10:16 
Solution begins with a Z...
Arilzu 2012年10月4日上午10:21 
You hold zoom out and it should kill him.
That name rings a bell but I honestly cannot remember which one that is. I'm pretty sure you zoomout for that one too though.
River 2012年10月4日上午10:21 
Ah, lol, interesting one that, really wouldn't have thought of that anytime soon, thanks
Kizirious 2012年10月4日上午11:15 
Bug Killer in Ruins is giving me a headache
最后由 Kizirious 编辑于; 2012年10月4日上午11:19
Arilzu 2012年10月4日上午11:26 
Hmm which one is that? [Gawd, I actually can't remember much D:] Have you already used the sniper on the first 3 monsters?
最后由 Arilzu 编辑于; 2012年10月4日上午11:28
OlivierJT 2012年10月4日上午11:41 
Aspirin maybe ?
SH4DOW X 2012年10月4日下午2:28 
I'm having trouble figuring out how to take out the squid gaurding his eggs in the first submarine part.
Arilzu 2012年10月4日下午3:00 
Pretty sure for the submarine parts, the only way you kill monsters is by shooting at them. Don't get to close.
OlivierJT 2012年10月4日下午3:03 
or dropping something on his head... ? maybe ?
Emerald 2012年10月4日下午5:53 
i think it might be a glitch but when i get in the minigame for the sniper part at 100/52 monsters i cant finish it and i always die
Emerald 2012年10月4日下午6:01 
to be more spaciffic im talking about thebird monster i cant seem to finish the minigame and it seems to be glitched
Emerald 2012年10月4日下午6:07 
actually nevermind i figured it out two spotlights
Noise The Bringer 2012年10月4日下午6:27 
how the hell do u do the search and destroy mini game
NickTheKillerQc 2012年10月4日下午9:30 
引用自 Rakk_67
how the hell do u do the search and destroy mini game
find that guy kill him
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