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[GS] Shua Kiddo 2. led. 2013 v 10.35 odp.
How to unlock everything?
I finished the game, all zones with 100%, completed all 12 achievements but the game still has some locked customizables. I don't know what to do to unlock them. Anyone?
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Octopus 3. led. 2013 v 2.27 dop. 
You need to make the slain monsters work for you on The Island, and after some time passes, you'll receive gifts that'll unlock new customizations in the shop.
Also, 100% in a zone doesn't mean you have done everything. There are hidden hats to collect and missions to pass in each level.
[GS] Shua Kiddo 3. led. 2013 v 2.15 odp. 
Oh I forgot about the gifts and the items from the island, it seems that I have only some of them. Thanks!
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