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Rya 2012年12月27日下午11:02
─plz help!─ I can not to run this game!!!
I am "Hell Yeah!" To play the game I was running!
But ... nothing happened. -...- WT*
maybe it's "Hell Yeah! Pimp My Rabbit Pack DLC" Is it?

And this is My Computer ▽
OS: Win7
CPU: E8200

plz Help me ! Q_Q
最后由 Rya 编辑于; 2012年12月27日下午11:08
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OlivierJT 2012年12月28日上午1:32 
Have a look in the forums here, there are some solutions in there, and your problem could be one of many.
I hope you find what you are looking for.
Any codec pack installed ? (be careful with K-lite)
Does you PC is set to Korean region settings ? (switch to U.S)

That kind of issues have founds solution for example.
Rya 2012年12月28日下午12:09 
thx :)
Game has been executed successfully XD !
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