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ZombieFX 2013 年 05 月 2 日 @ 上午 8 時 20 分
Motion sickness included
Looks like a funny game and so on BUT

the gravity that pulls u down is way to high.
and if u jump u feel a little like floating.

So its pretty mixed up i think - when its about to have a smooth controll in a jump n run.

So it shakes me trough all the time when i get down / walk over an edge -
and when i try to get "up fast" it feels a little sluggish as i was a baloon :/

In my howle life span i had like... not even 5 games? that made me motion sick...
alien vs predator (as alien) maybe for the first 30minutes....
but this one gets the cake <.<

PLEASE let the rabbit shake less when it drops!
change the gravity pull or at last dont let the CAMERA drop that fast - so i can play AND enjoy the game - without having to vomit on my beloved keyboard!

ps. "mistchief makers" thats what ur game reminds me off and by god - that had AWESOME controles + a fine camera << may u should go a little in that direction?

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