Bla gjennom og vurder guider skapt av andre spillere for dette spillet. Eller lag din egen og del tips med samfunnet.
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Reducing Audio Lag
av TheCount
This is a list of tweaks and tips that help you minimize your audio lag and get the most out of Rocksmith for PC....
Beginners Guide to Guitar/Bass
av Motila [☥]
New to Guitar and want to know how to break your time up, these are my suggestions....
How to set up your guitar - for absolute beginners
av Ace42
Setting up a guitar can be intimidating if you are unfamiliar with how they work and the problems that can develop within them. This guide is aimed at people who have no practical knowledge of how guitars work, are uncertain if their guitar is properly s...
Installing Custom Songs (OUTDATED)
av Ze Sniping Owl
Although not actually made by ubisoft, Custom songs can be installed. This gives the game more replayability, and enjoyment, However you may have to make a few sacrafices....
Guía para reducir el retraso de sonido (Guitarra a Bocinas) [Windows 7]
av momomi
Esta guía explica las configuraciones básicas para tener un buen rendimiento de sonido en tu Rocksmith™ y otros tips....
How to unlock BONUS songs
av Ze Sniping Owl
This guide will tell you how to unlock the 5 bonus songs Riochet The star spanggled banner Space ostrich Six Am salvation Boss...
Зарабатываем достижения-трофеи
av remeslennik