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JimClarke Oct 8, 2013 @ 2:08pm
Sustain in Rocksmith, poor compared to same guitar on real amp.
Hey all, Im having an issue with sustain in the game. I can complete the songs with long sustains, but the behaviour is a bit odd.

I will hold the note, and the sound seems to drop off, almost as if the volume knob got turned down, even though I can still feel the string vibrating, then if I continue to hold the note I will get a millisecond 'ring' from the end of the sustain. Sounds a bit like if I turned down the volume on the guitar then turned it back to full again.

Its not a sharp 'cut out' and is not an issue with progressing in game, but just annoying in Amp mode when I know I should be getting sustain, but do not. I would add as well that this behaviour is much worse on 'High E' than the lower strings.

Using my real amp, the notes sustain as they should. I was thinking at first that I may have set my pickups too high, but since I cant recreate the behaviour 'in real life' then it must be a setting in game/sound devices that is awry.

Now, I am set up just as the guides say, no fancy settings and with the 'recording devices' volume set only to 27/100 or so (only 1 or 2 higher than default), its too noisy much higher than that...

So is there a 'noise gate' type effect built in? Do I just need to unlock a better pedal/amp etc to get better sustain in game? Or is there a tuning or setup trick to use?

Ive searched the web and tried the 'drop guitar vol in tuning to less than 50%, tune, and turn up again' method and havent been able to find much else of use.

Any ideas or similar experience? ie Poor high note sustain, better but still poor low note sustain, that is not exhibited by the same guitar on a real amp/cab?

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905 Oct 8, 2013 @ 5:33pm 
What is the volume of the recording device (rocksmith cable) in windows? I had to turn mine up for palm mutes to be recognized. I suspect you can turn your recording volume up (windows setting not game setting) and you will have better sustain.
JimClarke Oct 8, 2013 @ 6:14pm 
The Recordiing device is set at 27. Seems quite a low figure to me, but much higher than that I get the hum etc.

What is yours set at for instance?

I mean I can set it it to100 and it works great, but its just dirty noisy, (some radio signals occasionally audible even xD) even on a clean channel in the game.

I think I might reset the cable driver, and set up the guitar in case my guitars volume control got out of synch with the windows/cable control. Its not such a heinous issue that I think its worth mucking around in conf.ini, over less than a seconds sustian loss : D

Still wouldnt mind knowing what others have there 'device volume' set at, to see if around 27-30 is on the mark.

Cheers man.
905 Oct 8, 2013 @ 7:18pm 
I think I usually have it in the 40s. But I have humbuckers. If yours are single coils, that might expain the hum. I just took it up to 60 and that seemed too noisy for me. I guess you'll have to play with it and see, but 27 is probably too low.
JimClarke Oct 8, 2013 @ 7:57pm 
Coil tapped Bucker in the Bridge, HSS config..,.not loud on the Amp at max..I have to really deliberately make it hum or screech in real life. (thanks to rather excessive aluminium shielding and taped up coils...)

I ended up setting the guitar up again as if from 'new' and seems ok now, still not getting all the sustain, but it sounds more natural now, as oposed ot the 'volume drop' issue before. I can now keep it going with a bend, wheras before it just went stone dead. I think thats what annoyed me the most, not even in songs but when just playing in Amp mode.

Reckon I probs set it up with the vol knob on the guitar down low or something like that.
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Might it also have soemthing to do with the amp simulator using noise reduction, which would cause it to stop recognizing a sustained note if it drops below a certain level(which would be exacerbated by a low input volume)?
JimClarke Oct 11, 2013 @ 7:33pm 
OK Im pretty happy now. Im still getting the sustain on High E dropping out like a kill switch on/off for a millisecond at the very end of the sustain

I switched the 'device vol' for the cable up to 70 and for some reason Im not getting the noise that I did before.

Who knows maybe it was because I had my Kindle plugged in and broadcastign on wireless or something when I tried higher volume last time xD

But yeah, not as annoying as before when it was cutting out about mid way through the sustain on high notes.

Cheers guys.
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