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ghoeb 5 nov 2012, ore 11:34
Discovery Boss
I don't know if any of you played the WiiWare version, but the PC version is missing the music from the Discovery Boss. I mean, the PC version plays the music of the previous section at the bossfight, while WiiWare plays an epic finale (and you can listen to that epic finale if you have downloaded the sondtrack)

Is that a bug? Do I have to unlock the boss music?
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CtrlAltDestroy 6 nov 2012, ore 3:44 
Did you miss any of the flashing transition beats at the end of part 7? If you don't hit all the transition beats, you get the same background and the same music for the next section.

The music appears to play fine on my version of the game.
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ghoeb 6 nov 2012, ore 4:41 
Wow, thank you. To think I missed that 5 times straight... Now im 100% satisfied with the game :D
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