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How to kill without raising the alarm
by Tryrose
This is a guide for newbies, or people having trouble picking of small groups without the alarm going off....
Карта с секретами
by Maxell_Rus
Решил выложить вот такую полезную карту. ...
Русификация игры
by Russian_I34I
Red Faction: Guerrilla....
Решение проблемы с вылетом и русификацией игры
by /.ProroK.\
Здравствуйте, хотел бы пролить свет на несколько важных проблем в игре. А собственно их всего две. Первая, и на мой взгляд самая важная, это в...
Solving the flickering and missing textures issue
by Phrix889
A guide to fixing an issue that causes flickering and missing textures in Red Faction Guerrilla. To the publisher Nordic Games: please release an official fix for this, it's caused by the Microsoft KB2670838 update and affects all Windows 7 users....
[Mod Release] Sturm-Falke101's Realism And Balance Mods!
by Sturm-Falke101
It didn't much sense to me that you could barricade yourself inside a building with 50 EDF soldiers outside shooting at the walls and relax like it's a sanctuary. This mod fixs that - WITH STYLE. ...
[Tool] Mod Manager!
by Sturm-Falke101
This Tool manages RFG Mods for you. No need to fiddle around with the game's datafiles anymore! Just click on "Activate Mods" and the ModManager will do all the modification work! Mods for the ModManager only contain the values that were actually changed...
Game Crashes
by Soldiershak
Red Faction Guerrilla crashing at launch/logo screens? Here are some possible fixes. Please note that the success of these fixes varies greatly....
Решение проблемы с вылетом игры
by ☢quazar☢
[Mod Creation] Guide to the ModLoader Format (TL;DR Make stuff work together!)
by Sturm-Falke101
Medium level tutorial for new mod creators to convert their existing work to the ModLoader format. (TL;DR Make stuff work together!) ...
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