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Loop Jul 11 @ 5:34pm
[H] Cards for this game and Cards in my inventory [W] Random cards
Please read at least this first line: Your offer should be worth more than what you're asking for.

I currently accept all SAME SET 1:1 offers, any other offers should be worth more than what you're asking for, since I'm accepting random cards (incl. duplicates) for cards you're looking for. I look at value of cards only and not at amount at all so 1:1, 1:2, 2:1 doesn't mean anything to me. As long as the value is acceptable you can decide the ratio.

For me to be able to make a counter offer your inventory has to be set to public.

I take into account each item's value so please don't offer a lower value than you're asking for.

If you have read at least the first line of the above feel free to send me any offers: