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100% Achievement and Loot Guide
Készítette: L-r | Sari
A guide to getting all of the achievements in Retro City Rampage. Includes a map with all of the loot locations as well as a guide on the main 14 sprees....
Coupon Codes (MJ's Face-R-Us)
Készítette: Leaufai
All the coupon codes you can enter at MJ's Face-R-Us Plastic Surgery to unlock additional Player skins....
How to unlock Steve (Minecraft)
Készítette: Rushkiller
A guide that will explain how to get Steve as a caracter in free roaming...
In-Game Cheats
Készítette: Roll [DLN-002]
These are the cheats found throughout the city. I wrote them here in case you don't want to bother looking for them. Input these while in game for them to work but note that they disable saving and achievements when activated. These cheats are for tho...
Spades to Steal Patterns
Készítette: ynaq
The spades to steel memory-game boards repeat. To win the gamble, and to get the Big Money acheivement, you have to have the patterns in front of you. Included are all the easy and most of the hard boards....
How to get all the packages
Készítette: George the Crab
This guide will show you all locations of packages....
Retro City Rampage Cheats And Coupons
Készítette: FingerRocks
Here in this guide I will show you all how to get all the cheats and some coupons for the game....
Разблокировка майнкрафт-персонажа Стива.
Készítette: ●•°$@Ť@☈ÑęⱠⱠ°•●
В данном руководстве показан путь открытия персонажа Стива на секретной майнкрафтовской локации RCR....
Guide to crocodiles on the Bit.Trip minigame
Készítette: Nomine
How to get through them pesky creatures...
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