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Osaka 2012年10月9日 10時15分
I've just bought this and it seems to be crashing hard a lot of the time. Is it just me?
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Ledow 2012年10月9日 10時52分 
Apparently so. I've not had it crash yet.
Osaka 2012年10月9日 11時13分 
Seems it was my Asus Xonar soundcard causing it, removed that ♥♥♥♥♥ and it's working fine on my onboard sound.
Zerosan 2012年10月9日 11時39分 
Isn't changing your default audio output device enough as a workaround?
SilentBugler 2012年10月9日 15時25分 
I have a Xonar DX card and had a crash with that EAX emulation thing turned on along with 8 channel input mode. Turned off the emulation and turned down channels to stereo and it works great, no problems so far.
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Branthog 2012年10月9日 22時57分 
I run into a similar problem. It just freezes and then crashes after a few minutes. I can just launch the game. Let it sit there through the intro music and everything without touching a button. And eventually the screen will black out and it'll hang. No ASUS Xonar. Just the default on-board audio with the ASUS P8Z77-WS. Really frustrating as I was looking forward to this!
thejokeriswild 2012年10月10日 1時38分 
Have you tried blowing on the cartridge?
☆☆☆ Botcher ☆☆☆ 2012年10月10日 9時04分 
IF u have Asus Xonar turn the GX DSP mode off.
Fortyseven(); 2012年10月11日 14時12分 
Xonar here as well. Thanks guys, I'll try this.
KyrenCross 2012年10月14日 2時34分 
Same here Xonar D2X, but mine crashes then this loud annoying looping sound keeps playing in the background when the game crashes and I can't seem to stop it unless I restart my PC.

I tried all kinds of driver version even the community made one and it still happens.
Anyone got any tips to shut off the loud sound loop without restarting my PC? I tried disabling the device but when I re-enable it, it's still there.
KyrenCross 2012年11月9日 1時39分 
Any update on the annoying sound after crashing? Tried setting my sound setup to basic yet it still crashes and I get the annoying sound and I can't seem to stop it without a PC restart.
bripro  [開発者] 2012年11月10日 10時46分 
Which version are you using? v1.06 should have fixed sound card related issues.
Timmy Slim 2013年1月6日 13時24分 
Up! I ran into the same problem, and I also Asus Xonar!
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swearz 4月20日 12時58分 
I cant even launch the game , my steam is crashing !
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