Retro City Rampage™ DX

Retro City Rampage™ DX

Fenix Sep 28, 2013 @ 8:32am
Using Secret Characters for Unique Character Mods?
I only just got my hands on the documentation and game assets this week, so I'm still learning/experimenting... but I have a question.

Because Player one is derived from the template files peds_*.bmp that all pedestrians use, it doesn't seem possible to alter his body outside of the characterdefs.xml without having that change affect all other characters...

Except for Commander Video, Meat Boy and Steve. These three special characters all have what appears to be a complete set of sprite sheets (19 by my count) which do not affect the other regular pedestrians.

So if I wanted to create a unique character body, I could in theory use one of those three. But each of those characters have altered stats and other special effects. Walk/run speed, sound effects, particle trails, default world palettes, etc. Is is possible to change those aspects of these characters?

Ideally it would great mods could be more compartmentalized, especially for the Player one spites vs everyone else... or the ability to add new characters without needing to alter the existing ones. But I know that would be a lot of work, and Bripro said he's waiting to gauge the community response before considering doing more mod support...

I hope the usage of mods builds steam, 'cause I love this game and would love to see it opened up more!
Date Posted: Sep 28, 2013 @ 8:32am
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