briprov  [developer] Jul 8, 2013 @ 1:29pm
Asus Xonar Issues
I've done a lot of investigation on this, and it looks like this card has issues with a huge amount of games. The workaround of disabling certain FX in the control panel seem to be the solution.

What's more, I've been reading things such as this:
"The issue with this card is that they apparently tried and failed to properly reverse-engineer full EAX. If they got a licence for it (the way e.g. Auzentech did) they would not have this problem now but they chose to try to reverse-engineer it. Don't know if you remember but when Asus first announced Xonars they claimed EAX HD support, Creative stepped up and told them they lie and aint got the licence for full EAX so Asus renamed this to "emulated EAX". But games were written to EAX and not emulated or Asus-imaginated EAX so it is no surprise they sometimes do not work."

I can't find any information anywhere which describes any in-game code changes that I can make which workaround whatever problem the Xonar is having.

How many of you are still having problems? How many of you were having problems but aren't anymore? How many of you have resolved your issues by tweaking the control panel?
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ElfShotTheFood Jul 24, 2013 @ 10:22am 
I turned off GX mode in the Xonar DG control panel and the game runs fine now.
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