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fizzymitsu 2013年7月2日 11時29分
*SPOILER ALERT* Need help or some save or I dunno what
Im on one of the stages near the end of the game where yer trying to shoot down Buttnick while driving in Docs car... its like Outrun or one of those 80's car games, and Im stuck... no matter how hard I try I get to a point where he shoots so fast that I cant avoid all of the shots and eventually die and he's only at a lil more than half health so I know it must get even harder. Is there a way I can get a save past this part or some way of cheating to get past this part this is really effing hard and making me start to not want to play the game anymore.

Please help!
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bripro  [開発者] 2013年7月2日 17時40分 
Check out youtube videos. The trick is to move right, then left, left, or vice versa. Use the lane markers and warning sounds to help. Also hold up/accelerate the whole time to go faster and get through it much more quickly.
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