StealthMomo 2013년 6월 25일 오전 10시 47분
Can you buy a house in this game?
A lot of developers overlook this feature where you can buy, build and customize your house.

The game Divine Divinity makes house a very important asset as you can save up on potions by sleeping on your house. You can also decorate your house with various stuffs you encounter in the game.
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Spectrum Legacy 2013년 6월 26일 오전 3시 17분 
No mate, as far as I know there's nothing like that. There is one girl's apartment which you can visit, have some "iced tea" with her during one mission and after that you are free to smash her place up (reverse decorating in my book). There are many more interiors you can visit however.

Anyway, game got patched yesterday with added mod support among other who might be able to create own house then I guess. On a side note though, Divine Divinity is RPG, which this game isn't, but not saying that action games shouldn't have possibility to own a house. I would like the idea myself!
StealthMomo 2013년 6월 26일 오전 4시 15분 
It's great that they added a mod support. Maybe someone can create.
honelith 2013년 6월 26일 오전 5시 09분 
Hah this would be a neat feature, quick, someone make a mod of this!
The Glitch ARMY 2013년 7월 2일 오후 4시 42분 
yeah some one should!!!
Sauderce 2014년 2월 13일 오후 5시 07분 
Agreed. this would be really fun.
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